NEF File Errors

NEF files stands for Nikon Electronic Format is basically a file format specially owned by Nikon digital camera. Being an exclusive file format of Nikon digital camera it is the only format which indicate ultimate quality of digital image. Like other digital camera Nikon camera also uses memory card to store huge amount of data. In the memory card NEF files present in the uncompressed form. NEF files of Nikon camera contain some valuable information about camera like captured images, camera identification, lenses settings and other information. When user click pictures from their Nikon camera then clicked pictures gets automatically saved with .nef extension. But in-spite of its potency many Nikon camera user might encounter with corrupt NEF files thereby you user unable to recognize the NEF files. When you observe that you ar4e unable to find your Nef files then you should understand that your NEF files has been corrupted. Your all captured photos will be inaccessible to you.

Causes for corruption in NEF files:

  • NEF files gets corrupted automatically when your camera is infected with severe virus infection.
  • Formatting memory card abruptly
  • Due to file system corruption
  • Due to memory card corruption
  • Due to unseemly handling of device.

However it doesn’t matter whatever the reason for corruption ion the Nef files, the important thing is user need to take immediate action to recover NEF files. For this user need to stop using the camera for further usage. This is because captured new photos by Nikon camera will overwrite the space of deleted NEF files which makes recovery impossible. After that you must install Nikon photo recovery software licensed version immediately. Later scan your Nikon camera with Nikon photo recovery software. This tool will recover all Nef files in hassle free manner and save the recovered files at the desired location.

How to Fix Unexpected End-of-File Error

Are you facing unexpected end-of-file error? Want to get rid of this catastrophic issue as soon as possible? If yes then it is certainly a serious cause of concern and you needs to be very careful here. Well, there is no need to worry about as this will show you the right way to fix this issue completely. Pictures taken from Nikon digital cameras are automatically saved in .nef format. NEF stands for Nikon Electronic Format and is considered as very safe and advanced for storing pictures. However, still under certain circumstances, users are unable to access their precious NEF image files due to unexpected end-of-file error and needs to regain the access of their important pictures as soon as possible. Well, there are many possible reasons which can cause emergence of this very error some of the most liable factors are listed bellow.

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Causes of NEF Unexpected End-of-File Error

Well, this annoying error mostly occurs on your screen when your NEF picture file become corrupted severely. Factors like virus infection, incomplete file transferring, interruption while editing pictures, bad sector on storage media, device malfunctioning, etc. can make your files corrupted and eventually leads you to such unfortunate circumstances.

Way to Fix NEF Unexpected End-of-File Error

Unfortunately, there is no reliable manual method available to fix this issue completely. Meanwhile, with the help of a reliable and professional third party Photo Recovery Software as it is an ultimate solution to repair and restore all kinds of lost, corrupted or inaccessible media files safely. It brings several effective features. Its powerful scanning algorithm scans your entire storage media deeply in a very quick time. Moreover, it restores all files with original name and file type. The most amazing thing about this significant tool is that it can repair even severely corrupted images and is fully capable to fix NEF unexpected end-of-file error.

NEF files can’t show properly in windows 7 image viewer

If you are one of those whose NEF files can’t show properly in windows 7 image viewer then doesn’t need to be desperate as it’s a resolvable issue. It’s not a big deal as it’s sound you can easily fix the issue. Undoubtedly, Nikon is a world class manufacturer of digital cameras. Nikon camera comes with lots of features and the photos clicked by Nikon camera are stored in .nef format. Talking about NEF file format then it’s a file format that is specially used by Nikon cameras. NEF is real as well as only image format reflecting supreme quality images. Moreover, Nikon NEF file is another RAW file format which integrates 16 bit binary original sensitive data generated by CMOS or CCD. However, just like other DSLRs Nikon camera uses SD card to store the data. In spite of so awesome features it’s common to hear that NEF files can’t show properly in windows 7 image viewer.

Basically, this error occurs when NEF files gets corrupted. There are several unfortunate reasons like sd card corruption, severe malware attack and nonetheless incomplete file transfer. Reasons may differ but resultant as image file loss is really unavoidable after which it becomes priority to retrieve the NEF files can’t show properly in windows 7 image viewer. However, it’s a desperate situation for anyone but you don’t need to worry as NEF file recovery is possible using efficient recovery tool such as NEF Nikon Photo Recovery Software. The tool is developed by experienced professionals with advanced technology which can easily retrieve your lost, deleted or even severely gets corrupted NEF files. Thus, you don’t need to be dishearten when NEF files can’t show properly in windows 7 image viewer as using NEF Nikon Photo Recovery Software .nef file recovery is possible.

NEF files not Recognized in Lightroom

Are you worried about the NEF files not Recognized in Lightroom issue ? The images that you capture from the Nikon camera are initially in the NEF format and then further processed to some other format jpeg or any other. The processing is done from the camera software itself but if you want better level of processing and additional effects then you can use the Lightroom application from Adobe. It is a great tool for the professionals as well as photographic enthusiast. It provides wide variety of adjustments that can be applied on the image to better its quality. But what if the NEF files not Recognized in Lightroom. You should be cautious about this matter because if the image file is not recognized in it then there is a chance that it will not be detected elsewhere. This is a clear case of Nef file corruption and you can not process or view it until it is fixed.

The corruption of the Nef file can occur when there is some internal error in the camera or the memory card where the images are stored. The can also be some kind of interruption at the time of capturing the file or transferring it to some other device. These photographs must be very important for you as they can be of any occasion or some precious moment. You must be wanting to recover it immediately and resolve NEF files not Recognized in Lightroom issue. This can be done with the help of any backup but if you do not have it then you can use the Nef Nikon photo recovery software. It is equipped with all the necessary tools that can repair any type of corruption in the Nef Raw image file and make it ready to be processed through the Lightroom or any other software. So get the software now and use it.

Pixelation issues with Nikon Raw/NEF files

Are you having Pixelation issues with Nikon Raw/NEF files? Do you desperately want to fix this troublesome problem instantly? Then fortunately, you’ve reached to the correct spot, browse this guide carefully to know the perfect solution. NEF stands for Nikon Electronic Format, it is Nikon’s RAW file format that includes image/picture information and the metadata which is acquired from the camera’s sensor. NEF files are often classified as a digital negative and this file format is largely acknowledged by professional photographers as it contains more details than JPEG and TIFF. However, it has been seen that users are facing Pixelation issues with Nikon Raw/NEF files. Well, before proceeding further, you probably want to know what is pixelation and why does it occurs? Don’t you ? Yes, pixelation is a word usually used to determine the act of making a printed image to a digitalized image format.

Pixelation issues with Nikon Raw/NEF files mainly happens when the picture taken by the camera does not have sufficient or enough pixels and images are not crystal clear moreover, diagonal and curved lines appears rugged. Pixelation issues with Nikon Raw/NEF files occurs due to many cumbersome situations such as when camera is set to a lower resolution for snapping images, accidentally rescaling your device to minimum resolution, higher ISO value, internal camera defect and so on. In each of the above mentioned situation your image will look pixelated and grainy. To overcome this dreadful scenario you can fix your camera resolution or reset ISO manually. However, it requires technical knowledge and expertise therefore, we recommend you to use a robust and authentic third party software .i.e Nef Nikon Photo Recovery Software. This software is capable to fix Pixelation issues with Nikon Raw/NEF files without any hassle. Moreover, Nef Nikon Photo Recovery Software recovers unresponsive, deleted, corrupted and formated NEF files effectively.

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Unable to open NEF files in Photoshop

Are you unable to open NEF files in Photoshop? Nikon camera are considered to be the best digital camera which provides excellent image quality with clarity. It uses RAW image format which is known as NEF (Nikon Electronic Format). Photos taken from Nikon camera in RAW mode are saved with the .NEF file extension. The NEF files contains output which are directly taken from the specific setting which is used to take a shot as well as from the camera sensor. Thats why it is necessary for each new camera need to update the software according to be able to read these files. But there are some problems also related with NEF files and one of them is when we try to open them in Photoshop it refuses to open.

How to solve the Unable to open NEF files in Photoshop issue

NEF contains information according to your camera model so every RAW file is different. This can cause problem when you try to open or edit the files in photo editor application such as Photoshop. Unable to open NEF files in Photoshop then it means that the version of Photoshop which you are using is not supporting your camera model. In order to solve this problem we have two option. One is that we can convert the NEF files to any universal format like DNG which will work for all the version of Photoshop. And the second one is to update the Photoshop camera RAW plugin. It has been seen that many users use the older version of Nikon transfer program to transfer images to computer. But transferring files from the older version can corrupt your NEF files.

Instances of NEF file corruption and how to fix it

There are many reason which can lead the NEF file corruption like unexpected switch off of camera, corruption in memory card, ejecting the card while files are transferring, bad cable and card reader. But don’t worry you can recover the corrupted NEF files with the help of NEF recovery software. This utility is embedded with advance algorithms which performs recovery and safely recover the corrupted NEF files. The read only feature of this application restore your data without making any changes into them.