Best Solution For NEF File Recovery

Corrupt NEF files

NEF files stands for Nikon Electronic Format is basically a file format specially owned by Nikon digital camera. Being an exclusive file format of Nikon digital camera it is the only format which indicate ultimate quality of digital image. Like other digital camera Nikon camera also uses memory card to store huge amount of data. In the memory card NEF files present in the uncompressed form. NEF files of Nikon camera contain some valuable information about camera like captured images, camera identification, lenses settings and other information. When user click pictures from their Nikon camera then clicked pictures gets automatically saved with .nef extension. But in-spite of its potency many Nikon camera user might encounter with corrupt NEF files thereby you user unable to recognize the NEF files. When you observe that you ar4e unable to find your Nef files then you should understand that your NEF files has been corrupted. Your all captured photos will be inaccessible to you.

Causes for Corruption in NEF Files:

There are several possible reason due to which NEF files gets corrupted, take a look:

  •  When your camera is infected with severe virus infection
  • Formatting memory card abruptly
  •  Due to file system corruption
  •  Due to memory card corruption
  •  Due to unseemly handling of device

However it doesn’t matter whatever the reason for corruption ion the Nef files, the important thing is user need to take immediate action to recover NEF files. For this user need to stop using the camera for further usage. This is because captured new photos by Nikon camera will overwrite the space of deleted NEF files which makes recovery impossible. After that you must install Nikon photo recovery software licensed version immediately. Later scan your Nikon camera with Nikon photo recovery software. This tool will recover all Nef files in hassle free manner and save the recovered files at the desired location.

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