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Author 1:- Julian Brayden

Julian Brayden is a senior editor at nefrecovery.com. He has a huge amount of experience within the SEO industry and photography since a decade. He has written a whole lot of articles, blogs and posts that basically focuses on camera related issues. He believe in providing convenience and matchless photo recovery solution, that makes him adequate to fix any issues related to camera, howsoever severe may be. He has been followed by lots of people because of his innovative tips and tricks related to corruption, deletion, inaccessible or formatted camera images or pictures. His content writing ideas brings new and progressive aspect to all the readers. He provides all the necessary information about products and services after deep research. He always try to give an authentic and proper guidance to all, moreover he firmly believes in accomplishing the given task to perfection by giving top notch and superb technique in the field of digital photography.

Author 2 :- Gavin Levi

Gavin Levi is an author of our page and a photography enthusiastic. He is passionate about his work, apart from this he is a very special person with a positive mindset and a self driven individual who has been in the Content writing platform since last 8 years and giving important camera’s troubleshooting tips and tricks. He is such an incredible inspiration to all of us and for those who are beginners. His work is phenomenal and you be will amazed by readings his blogs, post and forums. After reading his post you’ll surely praise his talent, skill and passion. If you are a professional photographer or an amateur, sooner or later you prone to encounter data loss situation owing unwanted circumstances. So, here at nefrecovery.com, Gavin Levi will provide you with all innovative ideas and how to get back lost, unresponsive, deleted, corrupted NEF files safely and without any hassle. By implementing his methods and ways you can easily fix any cumbersome incidences related to NEF files or Nikon Camera.