Best Way To Repair Corrupt NEF Files

VP66sMkVOZ6hKuMzBQWZPBeyfXH36Pwt78EVuvl_ppcHlon1cRtXVv0VORK7vIX1sg=w300The NEF files stands for Nikon Electronic Format, its another name is digital negatives. This is raw image file of Nikon camera. In the memory card the nef files is written in lossless compresses form of uncompressed form. This file is containing all the informations if image which is captured by camera sensor whereas it also contains the information of image metadata. The image metadata means information about camera identification, lenses used in camera and other important information. The nef files is the best image image file format as compare to others such as Jpeg, tiff etc. The professional photographers are also appreciate this file format. In order to manual computer processing this image file format is most valuable. It is offering ample opportunity for enhancing the image quality which jpeg files cannot offers. The image quality of nef file is so amazing because its original pixel data is intact. It can boast color precision and broader tongal range than jpeg and tiff. There is a facility in the nef files that user can alter it without affecting the raw file. It has the higher variety of colors compare to jpeg and tiff because the nef files is retaining 12 bit and 14 bit data. It is easier for storing, printing, editing and sending. The nef images are stored in the camera with .nef file extension. Like other image file formats there is no in camera processing for hue, sharpening, tone and white balance. This file system is offering integrity of original file.

File format saving options for NEF files

There are three options to save the NEF files which includes Uncompressed, Compressed and Lossless Compressed. It varies with the use of camera through different users.

  • Uncompressed: The image stored in this format is the largest one and before being saved it does not apply any compression.
  • Compressed: Some of the digital cameras are storing RAW data as a compressed file, a very little difference in the quality of an original NEF image and compressed NEF image and that is the smaller file of compressed nef images.
  • Lossless Compressed: When any nef image gets stored in lossless compressed form then it will allow the image editing with high degree. It also allows to resave the image file in uncompressed form again.
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About Nikon Camera 14_model_huge_152b57f241

As compare to other digital camera which are recently available market, the Nikon camera is the best one. Nikon is a top renowned brand that has been produced lot of digital camera with different models and features. It is the first choice of professional photographers. This latest technology based camera is capturing high resolution pictures as well as videos. The features of this camera is completely justifying its price. Its body is compact and portable so user can carry it easily. Using this camera you can take a perfect shot of the object with great clarity which is too far from the camera.

Nef Nikon Photo Recovery Software

In these days most of digital camera users are going through the photo loss situations. So here i am going to tell you about Nef Nikon Photo Recovery Software which is an ultimate solution of recovery not only photos but videos also. Experts are recommending this software to all those users who lost their important files from digital camera. It is quite easy to navigate its functions because this software is providing easy to use interface. This software is programmed with advanced data scanning algorithm and it is running on efficient scan engine. The brilliant features of this software is making it capable to tackle any situation of data loss. It is supporting all versions of Windows computers such as Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Nef Nikon Photo Recovery Software is compatible with both operating system Windows and Mac. So there is no any compatibility issue in this software. The read on feature of this software is maintaining the originality of recovered files.

For Windows OS


Step 1: Firstly download and then Install the software on your computer.

Step 2: Select the drive from where you lost your images and the click on “Start Scan” option.

Step 3: Now select the drive to scan your lost MTS video files.

Step 4: Select the type of file which need to be restored.

Step 5: In the progress bar you can see the process of scanning.

Step 6: All recoverable files will be shown to you here. Hit the “Recover” tab to restore desired file.

Step 7: Lastly select the location where you want to save your files.




Download For Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, & 10
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